Some people say you can’t make money on low cost properties. They argue that affordable homes are in unsafe neighborhoods, with unstable tenants and high crime. But is this really true?

Absolutely not! In a recent interview, I asked my mentor Robert Shemin if it’s possible to make money purchasing low cost properties. His response? “It’s not possible, it’s probable!” Robert has made millions in real estate by purchasing the exact kinds of properties that I like to buy.

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I’ve been able to attain financial freedom for my family by purchasing single-family homes in the $40-50k range. These homes are in America’s most affordable cities, in C neighborhoods where hard-working, blue collar Americans live.

I resent the fact that some people call this area “the ghetto.” My tenants are great, hard-working people. My tenants are nurses, principals, post office workers, and long-haul truckers.

If you were to walk down the streets of one of these neighborhoods, you would understand that it is not dangerous or scary. These are perfectly safe neighborhoods. In fact, here’s a video!

Why do these types of homes in these types of neighborhoods work as an investment? Cash flow! A typical home in the markets where I buy brings in $700 in rent every single month. Additionally, these neighborhoods are largely unaffected by economic downturn. Long-haul truckers and nurses don’t lose their jobs when the economy crashes.

If you spend enough time searching internet forums, you’ll find naysayers. You’ll encounter these people who think it’s unsafe to purchase low cost homes. But why would you listen to someone who has never actually tried it? Follow the action takers, and replicate their success!

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